George Reis of Imaging Forensics provides forensic image and video analysis services as well as forensic and technical photography to attorneys, law enforcement agencies and insurance companies. In addition, Reis provides training in forensic video analysis, image analysis and forensic photography to law enforcement personnel, fire investigators, federal, state and local government agencies, and private analysts and investigators.

  • Image/Video Enhancement & Analysis:
    Forensic Video Analysis and Forensic Image Analysis include authentication, enhancement, measurement and evaluation of video and still images. Reis first began providing image and video analysis in the early 1990s while working for a southern California police department.
  • Reis has testified as an expert witness in photography, image analysis, video analysis, and latent fingerprint examination.
  • Forensic and Technical Photography:
    Photography for civil and criminal court cases must be fair and accurate. Reis was a forensic photographer with a southern California police agency for 15 years, and has been providing forensic photography through Imaging Forensics since 1995.
  • Training:
    Reis has provided training in image analysis and enhancement of photographs, video, latent fingerprints and forensic photography since 1995 to agencies throughout the US, and internationally.
  • Contact:
    Contact George Reis by e-mail or phone for a CV, fee schedule, references, or more information.